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I'm Madame S†. Béatrice lead singer of the NYC band DUST ANGEL. I tumblr out of my mind props of creativity to promote more individuality to combat the authorities.

OK! Things went smoothly tonight until I didn’t return a call and called someone something that has a wicked stigma attached to it. Must be more aware but all in all I had a great time. #OneStepAtATime ⏰
@kutetonge and the Madame #Priceless
Friday night get together at the Avenue 🎉
Guitar slingers  #MajorTaylor vs #DustAngel
Looking towards a future that is wide open and unwritten.
#BADLOOK If you’re willing to explore some good music listen to BadLook’s demo on because its awesome.
My so called #GraceJones moment at a #FIT project photoshoot. Damn! I miss my #KingDiamond tee-shirt. #FBF

“If they act too hip, you know they can’t play shit”

—   Miles Davis

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Don’t want my smiling portrait to be frowning anymore because everything else but #DustAngel just doesn’t matter anymore #BurningOfTheMidnightLamp #Lyrics #SongWriting
On our way home we spotted a #Pomeranian named #PRECIOUS and precious she most def was. Having a pet can be medicinal if utilized correctly #LookingForAPet
Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young - Carry On
Currently have my music on shuffle and I’ve played Beethoven’s ‘Ghost’ maybe over 10 times #CantGetEnough

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