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I'm Madame S†. Béatrice lead singer of the NYC band DUST ANGEL. DUST ANGEL is now on hiatus but don't you dare sleep on us. I tumblr out of my mind props of creativity to promote more individuality to combat the authorities.

Nancy Sinatra - Friday's Child

Friday’s child…..Hard luck is her brother

Friday’s child…..Her sister’s misery

Friday’s child…..Her daddy they call hard times

Friday’s child…..That’s me

Friday’s child…..Born a little ugly

Friday’s child…. Good looks passed her by..oh

Friday’s child…..Makes something look like nothing

Friday’s child…..Am I..ya

Friday’s child…..Never climbed no mountain

Friday’s child…..She ain’t even gonna try..oh

Friday’s child…..Whom they’ll forget to bury

Friday’s child…..Am I

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I was going through a million old photos yesterday and came across one that reminded me of this. Watch this video cause you’ll see a very familiar face ;-)

Legendary Singer Neil Diamond Performs Free Pop-Up Concert At Erasmus Hall In Brooklyn - CBS New York

Was never a fan of Neil Diamond but I think he’s pretty cool now, now that he’s performing for free at Erasmus Hall High School where I also attended for two years and some months. I’m literally a few blocks away and no I don’t plan on going but kudos to him and his fans in Flatbush.

So I finally got to see #GBH live last night in Boston. Got to meet-n-greet as you can see. Was pretty bummed that they didn’t do ‘Time Bomb’ & ‘Slut’ but other than that I had a great time.
Last night I saw #AngrySamoans do their thang at #MiddleEastClub in Cambridge, MA and they were great. Its always good time with those guys! - Beatrice
jojoturk: Jersey side 

jojoturk: Jersey side