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I'm Madame S†. Béatrice lead singer of the NYC band DUST ANGEL. I tumblr out of my mind props of creativity to promote more individuality to combat the authorities.

The Zombies - Time of the Season

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Wire - Blessed State

Closing doors
Opens eyes
To the fatal gift
Of a well timed lie
Loved in the flesh
But butchered in the mind
Oh what a pearl
What a well made world

Holy globe
Eternal home
Sacred sphere
So glad I’m here
Oh what a pearl
What a well made world

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The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses

“So I was in a restaurant one night, a nice one in New York and there was a family at the next table. No one was paying attention to anyone else but then I heard - I couldn’t help it - the kid ask his father something. He wanted to know which band was better, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Well, I don`t know, says the father. Why don`t you ask him? meaning me. It made me feel like something out of history.”

—   —-Mick Jagger

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OK! Things went smoothly tonight until I didn’t return a call and called someone something that has a wicked stigma attached to it. Must be more aware but all in all I had a great time. #OneStepAtATime ⏰
@kutetonge and the Madame #Priceless
Friday night get together at the Avenue 🎉