Do What Thou' Wilt

I'm Madame S†. Béatrice lead singer of the NYC band DUST ANGEL. I tumblr out of my mind props of creativity to promote more individuality to combat the authorities.

“Artists are always children at heart”

—   Oscar Wilde
#PamGrier has our back! #BAMHarveyTheater
Why do they have to put sexual ads on the Subway? Ads like this belong in the back of the Village Voice and if you ask me, those balloons posing as breast, they’re way over priced.
Biggie was a communist?! #ComandanteBiggie ! @ #FortGreene #BrooklynNY #TheNotoriousBIG
Photo by @jvaneyk
Paul and I with #MatthewHarrison of our favorite indie film #RhythmThief  #LowerEastSide #BAMHarveyTheater #Brooklyn

One year and 5 months old live recording of our song “New, Improved Mother Earth”, but what the heck, we feel that this song is relevant on this very day. Happy Earth Day! 

A shameless bathroom selfie photo at Black Forest Brooklyn from last night where they serve yummy German food and beer.

(Source: singme--tosleep)